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    Applewood Smoked Cheddar 200g (deli)

    Delicious English cow's milk smoky cheese with lovely smooth texture and finished with a light dusting of paprika.
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  • Camembert 250g (deli)

    Camembert 250g (deli)

    An unforgettable French Camembert with slight earthy and sweet tones and a soft finish crafted from cow's milk.
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  • Castello Brie (mild brie) 125g (deli)

    Castello Mild Brie 125g (deli)

    Slightly aromatic mild brie with soft texture and light, creamy flavour. Pairs well with figs, apples and champagne.
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  • Cheddar with Black Summer Truffle, Extra Mature (Snowdonia Truffle Trove) 150g (deli)

    Cheddar with Truffle, Extra Mature – Snowdonia Truffle Trove 150g (deli)

    An indulgent truffle delight in an extra mature cows milk cheese. Undertones of wild mushroom and hazelnut leading to notes of garlic.
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    Cheddar with Cranberries, Mature – Snowdonia Bouncing Berry 200g (deli)

    A sweet addition to your cheeseboard. British Cheese Awards gold medal, made in Snowdonia from pasteurised cow milk.
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  • Cheddar, Extra Mature (Snowdonia Black Bomber) 200g (deli)

    Cheddar, Extra Mature – Snowdonia Black Bomber 200g (deli)

    A famously strong, extra mature robust cheddar. Made in Snowdonia from pasteurised cow milk. Add some drama to your cheeseboard.
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  • Chevre Pardou Fermier (Goat’s milk) 200g (deli)

    Chevre Pardou Fermier – Goat’s milk 200g (deli)

    Delicious semi-soft mild goat's cheese, handcrafted by artisans in France with a delicate flavour.
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  • Comte 18 Months 200g (deli)

    Comte 18 Months 200g (deli)

    A complex French cow's milk cheese with deliciously sweet and savoury undertones.
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  • Gorgonzola Piccante DOP (Blue Cheese) 200g (deli)

    Gorgonzola  Piccante DOP Blue Cheese 200g (deli)

    A soft, sharp full-fat cow's milk blue cheese with a bit of bite that pairs beautifully with honey and red wine.
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  • Gouda with Truffles 200g (deli)

    Gouda with Truffles 200g (deli)

    Smooth and buttery Dutch Gouda peppered with luxurious black truffles and a mild flavour. Pair with a medium-bodied wine.
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  • Herb Vegan Cheese 140g (deli)

    Herb Vegan Cheese 140g (deli)

    A delicious, garlicky and herbaceous vegan cashew nut cheese with tons of flavour and a creamy, tangy irresistible taste from Singapore.
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    Gluten Free, Meat Free, Vegan

  • Jersey Gouda (Young Gouda) 200g (deli)

    Jersey Young Gouda 200g (deli)

    A mellow, mild creamy hard cow's milk cheese from the Netherlands to suit any cheese board.
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