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LUSH PLATTERS brought the Australian 'grazing' sensation to Singapore. With our luxury platters, styled boxes and lavish grazing tables, Lush Platters turns any occasion into a gastronomic adventure. We don’t settle for your average cheeseboard. Instead, we source premium fresh produce, artisan cheese, charcuterie and delightful accompaniments that are arranged into stylish abundant showcases. Our platter or table options are the perfect centrepiece for any event including weddings, birthdays, corporate functions, celebrations and social gatherings. Entertaining with Lush Platters is a great way for people to come together and bond over delicious food, in a relaxed way. Your guests will be spoilt for choice!

We are proudly eco-conscious, with a commitment to serving the local community and preserving the environment. Our mindful efforts include; using environmentally sustainable packaging and disposables, harvesting our own organic herbs and edible flowers where possible, little food wastage in our preparation, partnering up with local businesses and ethical vendors, recycling and minimal plastic usage.

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Meet Wynona and Sydnee, the duo taking Singapore's foodie scene by storm! Finding prior success and camaraderie as a creative team, Wynona and Sydnee joined forces to bring the graze craze to Singapore.



Wynona Leach has always had an eye for style. Her passion for design trends, creativity and a love of food and wine has taken her on an entrepreneurial journey that has resulted in her latest creative outlet, Lush Platters. Wynona has been highly sought after for her bespoke dessert tables, many of which are featured in magazines, books and websites worldwide. With Lush Platters, Wynona has found a way to combine her love of entertaining with her professional background of cake artist, catering manager and stylist. Wynona is inspired by her family, travels worldwide and her Australian background, where healthy, fresh food is in abundance. 

"My passion is ultimately to bring joy into people’s lives and there is no better way than sharing and mingling over a table full of delicious morsels presented beautifully." - WYNONA

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Sydnee Loue has a wide, varied and accomplished career in the arts. Her previous roles have included; book author, television host, event/food stylist, graphic designer and photographer. Sydnee brings with her a wealth of experience in the creative food field, making her an integral part of the Lush Platters team. With her fastidious attention to detail and boundless enthusiasm, Sydnee brings life to each and every project.